Author: Chankey Pathak

Male contraceptive

Male Contraceptive Tested Successfully On Monkeys

We think that the male contraceptive study is going in right direction and researchers might come up with a male contraceptive pill/injectible soon. A recent research on monkeys who were injected with male contraceptive...

Samsung Galaxy S8 Chinese

Samsung Galaxy S8 First Live Photo

A photo of Galaxy S8 is trending over Chinese social media. Observable features Dual curved screen On-screen buttons 3.5mm audio jack USB Type C We can’t yet be sure whether this image is fake...

Pacemaker hack

Police Uses Data From Pacemaker To Solve A Case

Ross Compton’s house was destroyed in a fire on September 2016. He broke the window glass by his walking stick, climbed up and successfully made his escape. Then he put the heavy bags in...

10 Things You Should Know About Republic Day Of India

A nation filled with immense culture diversities and varied customs come together on this great day to celebrate January 26 as the Republic Day on which its constitution came into effect. It is a...

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