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Zomato Has Introduced A New Service In Its Food Delivery app

Zomato has introduced a new service Piggybank in its Food Delivery app. Through this feature, users will get 10 percent of their order as a Zomato credit. This credit will be called Z Coins. These points can be used as 10% off on the next order.

Initially, this service has been given to selected users at the moment. This service is being offered only on the basis of the user’s loyalty. The company is also giving 200 Z coins as a joining bonus to the users. Zomato is considering giving this service to the users who order more than 5 times in a month from Zomato. Let us know that the Zomato Gold users will get access to this service already.

If you do not come in the Zomato Gold user or the Loyalty segment, then you will only be able to use this service only when a Piggybank user will refer you to this service. For this, you have to enter the invitation code. This code will send you the same user who has referred to this service. By entering this code you will be able to use this service. At the same time, if you are eligible for this service then you will be able to use the service without the invitation code. Let us know that this service of freeze is not free. For this, users will have to pay 299 rupees per year after 2 months.

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