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You Will Age Faster If You Don’t Exercise

I was at the Mumbai Central Station. It was 6 in the moing I just stopped and looked around. I saw something very ordinary. I saw men, loads and loads men. Some of them were carrying their children, some were carrying huge bags and some were pushing the carts around. On the other hand, the women just followed with their purses.

Let’s be clear I am not complaining about women not working but on the contrary I am worried. I think women have been deprived of daily physical activities for a while now. This has forced them to lead a very inactive life and this has definitely not played in their favor. In general, we have too many comforts which have made us lazy and let’s not disagree that women are given some special attention in most cases. In no universe a woman should do a task which is outside her physical comfort zone but all us not just the women should at least do the stuff which we can.AgingThis is not just a thought but actually the World Health Organization (WHO) and a bunch of other important institutions studied women over 60 while they carried on with their routine. This revealed some interesting facts like the women who sat for 10 hours or more had a greater biological age than the ones who had a relatively active lifestyle. If I get into the technical stuff our DNA has chromosomes which are protected at the end by something called telomere. This telomere decides how long the chromosome will live and in tu decided the life of the cell and as you know we are made up of nothing but cells.

So to skip the boring part telomeres are like covers for our chromosomes the longer the cover the better. The women with an inactive lifestyle have tiny telomeres and which results into a greater chronological age. The study also suggested that just a 30 minutes workout will make a lot of difference. Now this study was undertaken by Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) and around 1500 women aged above 60 years participated in it so I can safely say it’s the real stuff.

It is a wake-up call for all the young ladies. This study might not be relevant to you now but someday it will be. It is the inactive lifestyle that results into cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. So why wait for the day your knees start paining? START RIGHT AWAY. A mere 30 minutes a day will make you look younger and feel younger, I PROMISE. 30 minutes a day is less than your ordinary facial so I guess you can spare it for the greater good of humanity because after all without woman there will be no man.Here are a few things you can start with to begin your with 30 minutes workout.

  • Walk, Jog and Run as much as you can. Take the stairs, walk to the grocery store or just get a pet dog
  • Try to get up at regular intervals while you are working and stretch your body a little if possible
  • Cut down on smoking, drinking and junk food. Eating healthy is the first step
  • Try a sport which involves physical activities like badminton or tennis. It will help you at a physical and mental level
  • Last and most important do all this willingly with a smile on your face

Again I am not accusing of women being lazy but on the contrary I am conceed of the effects of laziness on them. I am also not saying that it is not good to look a certain way but at the same time I do feel unhealthy isn’t sexy. So put on your gym clothes which you bought in the sale and wear those running shoes and let’s have some healthy telomeres. And remember EAT-WORK-WORKOUT-SLEEP-REPEAT.PS: 30 minutes is the minimum time, you can work out more if you want to.Study link:

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