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How To Download The Update Of Window 10 April 2018.

Microsoft recently officially launched Window 10 in April 2018. So keep reading, in this article we provide a method that you can install window 10 so that you can start using all the window new features such as timeline, some new window Linux command line tool and focus assist.

Windows 10 update 2018 is also known as the 1803 version. According to the report, window launches its version with tons of new features that’s why the Windows 10 version appears to be successful. If you get bored with old window version, then Windows 10 probably worth a look.  Want to be clear, though, if you are installing this, please take a backup of your data files because it’s a risky process, according to the reports many users lost their data file while downloading. So use recovery software before upgrading window 10 April 2018.

Before we demonstrate how to download Window 10 April 2018 update, you should know that there is some risk while updating window2018 so before updating window, we strongly recommend that you backup your important data files. Once this is done, learn how to download windows update version.

Method 1

1.  First and foremost, write “Update” in a search field after that “check for update” message will be displayed. Hit press on that message and let Window 10 see what update options are available. You will get page title “Feature update Window 10, version 1803. Then click on the download link and let the ISO field download. The installation process takes some, so don’t turn off your computer before receiving notification “welcome to the update 2018 page”.

2. If you want to do a clean installation, do from USB and DVD and install preview.

3. The privacy setting of the window is depending on the country and the device is located. So every user doesn’t see same privacy setups. In order to view your privacy preferences, you have to navigate from the privacy setting.

Method 2

1. This method is for those users whose windows update still does not show the latest version of Window 1o April 2018. Creating the Windows 10 by media creation tool.

2. To get started, first download media creation tool and save it to your PC. Once the file has downloaded, you greeted with the terms and policy, just accept the license terms and go ahead.

3. After accepting license terms, please wait for a few seconds. When the configuration process complete, there will be a message shown on a screen, whether “would you like to upgrade PC now” or “create installation media”. Go ahead and just click on any one of them.

4. The downloading process could take sometimes, we strongly advise you that don’t turn off your PC and laptop while updating window version. As edge will open after the completion of the installation process and you will get a message “Welcome to the Window 10 updates April 2018”. Just read the instructions and features of updating version and close the edge.








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