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Will Sanjay Dutt’s Daughter Trishala Dutt Join Bollywood?

Bollywood star daughters Janhavi Kapoor, Sarah Ali Khan and Anya Panda are now going to debut in the Bollywood film industry. But Sanjay Dutt’s daughter is still away from ¬†film industry. Sanjay said, “I have ruined a lot of money and energy to get her admitted in a good college and she has done a great job. She is specialised in Forensic Science, I think it is a good thing to do. If she has to join this industry then she will have to learn Hindi because here American (English) does not work. Becoming an actor is not easy work.

Trishala is more active on social media, she has just recently disclosed some details on his instagram story. Trishala shared “Ask a question” on Instagram account, after which his followers questioned him, “Is she interested in acting, then she wrote in reply” no “. One more follower asked that if he gets a good offer from Bollywood then what will she do? Trishala wrote in reply, “Thank you, but not

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