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How to uninstall or temporarily disable Cold Turkey?

What is Cold Turkey?

Cold Turkey will temporarily block you off of social media sites, addicting websites, games and even programs!

So I tried out this program and it’s really nice. Since I work 9-5 so I scheduled it to block Facebook, 8tracks, Reddit and some other distracting websites from Monday to Friday 9-5, it really worked, I saw an increase in productivity. But today I wanted to disable it as I have 2 days’ holiday but I noticed there’s no option to disable it, well that’s what Cold Turkey means but still I wanted to get rid of it somehow. So I tried some methods from the internet but they didn’t work. Since I’m a software engineer so I knew there must be a configuration file for its settings. I looked for it and I found it, but it was not editable, then my old MS-DOS commands’ knowledge helped me. Follow the below steps to temporarily disable it.

Disabling Cold Turkey

  1. First of all run cmd (command prompt) as administrator. Click on start, search for “cmd”, right click and run it as administrator.
  2. Now look at the below screenshot and type the commands as it is.

Cold TurkeyI’m putting the contents of command prompt below in case you want to copy-paste.

  1. cd..
  2. cd..
  3. cd “Program Files”
  4. cd CTConfig
  5. copy con CTConfig.ini
  6. [main]blockedTimes=”” websitesBlocked=””

Now press Enter. Type “Yes“, and then press “CTRL Z” then hit “Enter“. You’re done. Now you can access the blocked websites.

Since you’ve altered the blockedTimes, so now you can easily uninstall the program. Just go to Cold Turkey directory in C:\Program Files and click on uninstall00.exe. Or you can use some program like “Revo Uninstaller” or default “Program and Features”.


  1. kcp kcp May 8, 2018

    Can we disconnect the internet connection, change time past the block period and uninstall it?

  2. KapiteinTOET KapiteinTOET December 30, 2018

    I don’t have the CTConfig file, what now?

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