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Top tips that will help you cook with ultimate dedication this year

  1. Do not constantly stir the ingredients in your pan

While cooking you should stop moving the food that you are trying to cook. Stir only till the food turns golden brown else there are high chances of either getting the food out of the pan or overcooking it.

  1. Use the wine you drink for cooking

It’s advisable that you do buy wine products for cooking with has added sugar and additives to it. Rather buy cheap homemade wine. This product will not cost you much. Since it is homemade the flavor will be authentic and it won’t go out of taste during the cooking process.

Wine for cooking

  1. Dry your veggies

If you are planning to roast your veggies it is better to dry them in a pan before you grill or roast because you may end up steaming them.

  1. De-freeze the frozen foods before placing them in a pan

Before deep frying frozen foods make sure you de-freeze them because the food may end up frying you.

  1. Cut vegetables first, meat later

We all usually use the same cutting board in our kitchen. It is better to sort out what to cut first. In order to protect contamination of bacteria from your raw meat to your vegetables, you must be now aware of cutting your vegetables first.

  1. Never over boil your milk

If you keep the milk on the stove for boiling it will get over from the vessel and dirty the entire stove.

  1. Close the oven door if there’s a fire breakout

Suppose you have a mishap in your over just keep the door closed. If you happen to open the door it will give more way to the oxygen and the fire will spread out. When you keep the door closed the fire will begin to suffocate and put off soon.

  1. Use olive oil to prevent your pasta from sticking together

The pasta should not be rinsed with cold water. It will only help you to remove the starches that will help your sauce stick to the pasta. So better apply olive oil to your pasta once you cook it.

Olive oil to pasta

  1. Never utilize a wet towel or mitten to take something out of the oven

Always use dry types of equipment to get things done. There are chances of the moisture turning into steam and it can damage you.

  1. Ignore a falling blade

Whenever a blade or a knife falls in your kitchen allow it to fall down. Pick it up later. By catching a falling blade you may end up damaging your own self or get minor injuries.

  1. Prohibit use of steel wool on your pan

In case your using a cast iron in your kitchen do not use steel wool to clean it. To dry the vessel make use of flame so that it will remain super dry and not rust. This method will help you prevent ridges and scratches on your cast iron pan.

I hope these tips will help you play safe in your kitchen.

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