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Top 5 Places For SkyDiving In India

Traveling is a hobby where you can take many types of experiences together. Whether it is connected with food, from adventure activities, culture or by exploring new places. With the flexibility of being comfortable, the best option for travel cannot be the best option. That’s why, for the last few years, the graph of tourism is going up continuously in India. And if you like the adventure, of course, your list will include Scuba and Sky Diving.

5 Sights are the best of Sky Diving

  1. Mysore

Mysore is the most popular in the list of Best Sky Diving Destination. Many ski diving camps will be found in Mysore, located just a few hours away from Bangalore. Skydiving here comes with a different kind of experience. From Tandem to Static and Accelerated Every Kind of Jumps, you are given 2-3 days of training by professional trainers. Only then can you enjoy skydiving. The feeling of seeing the beautiful surroundings flying around freely in the air is different.

  1. Dhana Madhya Pradesh

India’s first ski diving camp started in Dhana Here you get the options of Static and Tandem Jumps. It is really amazing to see the beauty of Jupiter from 4000 feet. Perhaps that is why Dhana has been included in India’s Best Sky Diving Destination

  1. Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

If you like adventure, then try Sky Diving in Maharashtra’s Ambi Valley. This 45-minute diving will remind you of Lifetime. At present, the tandem jump facility is available from 10,000 feet in which there is undoubtedly fun but it seems to be equally fearful. So if you really want to enjoy this adventure with thrill then plan to come to Maharashtra on the weekend.

  1. Deesa Gujarat

Gujarat is the best Sky Diving Destination to give Lifetime Experience to everyone. Skye diving camps are also installed here by the Gujarat Sports Authority and Indian Parachuting Federation.

  1. Pondicherry

Pondicherry included in the beautiful cities of India is not only SCOVA but also the best destination for Sky Diving. This is the most preferred place for people with enduring adventure with travel. In Pondicherry, you will find the options of Static, Tandem and Accelerated Jumps. Like the Free Bird, you have to explore the natural beauty flying in the air, then the trip will be Pondicherry’s best.

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