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Top 10 Travel Destinations In The World

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    You must have heard of Thames River, Big Ben clock tower, Westminster Abbey, London Eye Observation wheel. Well folks, London is all about these highly popular locations and is a place whose history runs back to Roman times. A leading global city as well as a financial centre blends together with wonderful art. There is something for everyone here. For avid travellers, London is on the top of our destinations list which you should visit once.
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    One of the largest cities in Turkey. Istanbul is surrounded by sea and embeds a long lasting history in itself. This destination has been an inspiration for various renowned authors. The place is popular for it food, culture and history. A unique and spellbound experience for all travelers.
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    A global centre of art, fashion and culture. That how one can define this beautiful destination – “Paris”. A home to world’s renowned fashion brands and unique styles which becomes a rage worldwide. Europe’s must-go destination- “Paris” is known for the iconic attractions- Eiffel tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and much more. This city never sleeps. So you will surely have a great time in this city
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    Music, Beer, picturesque river, Shopping, History, breath-taking views is what Prague is all about. With Gothic cathedrals and unique architecture, this destination will leave your speechless with its design and structures and a mere view of the city around will leave you with memories to cherish. The location has a deep history and culture which attracts tourists from around the world in huge numbers.
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    Romans built Rome in 753 B.C. So it’s pretty obvious that Rome imbibes in itself a huge history which unfolds in the form of Palaces, Cathedrals which depicts the brilliant architecture of this city. Known as the “Eternal city” and built on seven hills, Rome is a destination for travellers who love to know about history, food and architecture.
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    New York

    Everyone should visit New York at least once. Obvious reasons would be sports, pizza, music, food, celebrities and the list goes on. One of the favourite locations for Hollywood directors which hosts the popular names – Broadway, One World Trade, Empire State Building, Madison Avenue, Woolworth Building, the Plaza and what not. New York is once of the most expensive cities in the world which brings together different cultures together. An experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world.
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    Barcelona is a friendly place and a home of football. Filled with creative people, sumptuous food, dense culture and architectural masterpieces, this city is immensely attractive. Barcelona’s night life is amongst the best in the world and hence this is great destination for party lovers. One should explore this city on a bicycle for a different experience as the place is filled with museums and lovely people.
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    Shopping lovers – Dubai is the destination for you. The location is popular for man-made islands, cosmopolitan environment, best food, popular architecture, renowned golf courses and luxurious hotels. Above all, Dubai showcases great hospitality and is amongst one of the world’s safest cities.
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    Amsterdam is full of beautiful canals and hard to believe, but it’s true that this city hosts more than 300 festivals every year. Isn’t that an amazing reason to visit Amsterdam. One can enjoy shopping in nice street markets, watch cinema on a beach or a rooftop, dine-in at a secret island and enjoy a beach holiday.
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    A historic place with great food. This is one of the cheapest yet most beautiful cities to vest in Europe. The Great Synagogue is mind-blowingly beautiful. One should plan a road trip to Budapest during Europe’s tour. Taste amazing wine from the famous Hungary vineyards, enjoy the rain pubs, party in ruins, watch a concert in outdoor theater or immense yourself in the hot springs. This place is unique in every sense.

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