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Top 10 books published by Indian authors in 2017

  1. 1

    Murder in a Minute

    Shouvik Bhattacharya presents a murder mystery of a young woman where in her college sweetheart is the prime suspect. Her step brothers, who are not satisfied with the verdict, commence a journey to find out the truth.
  2. 2


    The author, Nidhi Chanani, tells a story which revolves around Priyanka, an Indo-American teenager, who lives in America with her mother. Her mother constantly tries to teach her about Indian culture. But Priyanka has her own struggles of being a brown person amongst all Americans who is not as financially stable as her friends.
  3. 3

    Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion Fire and Beauty

    Wild Embers is a set of short poems by Nikita Gill that evaluates womanhood, love and self-empowerment. It depicts the legends of goddesses of knowledge and enlightenment along with larger than life characters. All the stories demonstrate how we humans are ultimately connected to the Universe.
  4. 4

    The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

    Arundhati Roy presents this magnificent novel that reinvents various human emotions in their complex ways. The amazing story takes us in a journey from old Delhi to big cities, to Kashmir’s beautiful valley to deep forests of central India.
  5. 5

    I Do what I Do

    Raghuram G. Rajan, the former governor of RBI, writes an autobiographical non-fictional story that depicts his journey from his education, his perception of life and becoming a top economist. The book gives out small nuances of Indian economy with its financial future and is a treat for the ones who are interested in the power of money in India.
  6. 6

    How to be a Bawse: A guide to Conquering Life

    Lilly Singh, one of the famous YouTuber aka Superwoman, tells us through her own life stories, about how to become a Bawse: a confident person, possessing a genuine smile who reaches the goal.
  7. 7

    No One Can Pronounce My Name

    Rakesh Satyal tells a story of Indian Immigrants, outside Cleveland trying to be a part of American Society. It is a light-hearted, unique story of characters who follow their passions and aspirations while trying to harmonize the restrictions of their culture and traditions.
  8. 8

    Erotic Stories of Punjabi Widows

    The story by Bali Kaur Jaswal revolves around astonishing Sikh widows who attend a creative writing course at a community college in UK. Their teacher’s gentle understanding about these women starts some captivating stories of women of all ages.
  9. 9

    Age of Anger

    Pankaj Mishra traces down the present day discrimination and revengeful nationalism to the 18th century. The work is a beautiful time journey.
  10. 10

    The Crown of Wishes

    Roshan Chokshi’s creativity tells us a story about a princess who after taken up as a prisoner, struggles to get her kingdom back. For that she has to come together with her enemies.

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