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Top 10 Android Games of 2017

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    Clash Royale
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    Clash Royale is fast paced strategy game progresses through multiple arenas. This is the best real-time multiplayer game. This game is developed by Supercell (same people who developed the popular Clash Of Clans). Clash Royale is free to download and play. For quick progress you can buy some items using in-app purchases. Main objective of the player in this game is to destroy the opponent’s towers and/or defend own. You can upgrade your cards, build your own Battle Deck to take down towers of your opponent. There are a variety of cards available like troops, spells, defenses etc. After winning the battle you win chests to get rewarded (Gold and Gems), to collect variety of cards. Continuous updates, card balancing, introduction of new events, new card releases makes this game more special.
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    Pokémon Go
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    Screenshots of Pokémon Go are all over the twitter, by which we can get the idea of how popular this game is. Pokémon go has to be experienced to really make sense. It is not "technically" interesting but it is "socially". You have to discover and capture the Pokémon all around you by throwing Poké Ball at them. You will join teams and battle for ownership of Gyms with your Pokémon at your side. You can assign your Pokémon to defend Gyms against all comers. Pokémons appears randomly scattered over various geographical locations.
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    Blades of Brim
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    Remember Subway Surfers? Their development team has created another game named Blades of Brim, it is not a typical endless runner game. This runner game gives a totally different experience. Apart from just running you can fly around, jump, wall run, ride magical creatures and travel through interdimensional portals and other worlds. In this game you can get points from slaying monsters with legendary weapons and massive combos. This action game is sure to grab your attention.
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    Dan the Man

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    Dan the Man is a super Arcady game free to download and play from Halfbrick studio (creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride). This game has a really cool story mode. The game play mechanics are very simple. You have to punch, kick and blast your way through. There are 12 action packed levels. These levels are long enough in addition to that you have weekly challenges. Level up can get you different moves, you can level up your weapons, change your appearance. There are secret areas in each level they bring you treasures and new items to explore. The people who love mission games with a little bit of story and boss fights must try this one.
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    Lone Wolf
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    Lone wolf is an adventure game with moral conflicts. That’s why there is an age limit of 17+. This game has realistic weapon sound. There are more than 20 weapons unlock with different shooting ranges. This game also provides a very intense experience as a shooter. All 30 missions provide good variety and 5+ hours story mode will serve you a lot of content. Game has Trophy Room with more than 40 trophies that fills your progress. Maybe this is the best sniper game on android.
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    Clash of Clans
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    In Clash of Clans build your village to defend from enemy raids, battle against opponents to take their trophies. Build a village to protect against enemy raids. You have build your army of Barbs, Hog Riders, Dragons, Wizards, Archers and other troops. You can join clan and fight against other Clans during epic Clan Wars. There are 20 different units to build with continuous level upgrades. This is supercell’s another strategy game in this list you must try.
  7. 7

    Alto’s Adventure
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    This beautifully crafted endless snowboarding game. Show your cool snowboarding moves with fluid, graceful and realistic physics based gameplay. With its simple yet difficult to master controls. Alto's Adventure has 180 procedurally different terrain based snowboarding levels. You have to gain combos to maximize points and speed. As the game progresses, you can discover six unique snowboarders with special attributes and abilities. This game is full of dynamic lighting and weather effects, including blizzards, fog, thunderstorms, rainbows, shooting stars etc.
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    Lost in Harmony
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    In this game you experience music in a new way. There are two amazing stories to discover M.I.R.A.I’s escape and Kaito's Adventure. What you have to do is just tap stars in rhythm according to song. You can swipe or jump to avoid the obstacles. This game plays songs by famous composers and singers like Onoken, Wyclef Jean, Tadayoshi Makino etc. This game has some exceptional graphics, stunning cinematic effects. Here you can create your own levels, share them & play with your friends. Now there are 10,000+ levels to play (generated by other gamers).
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    Traffic Rider
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    It is time to hit the traffic roads with a bike. This is free to download and play game which offers in-app purchases. This Game brings more detailed gaming experience with day and night variation which will attract true racing game fans. This game comes under endless racing genre but with full career mode. Sound tracks in the game are real life recorded bike sounds. The first person camera view makes this game more realistic to play. There are over 26 motorbikes to complete 70+ missions.
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    Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre
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    Burrito Bison have colorful and cartoony look which is perfect for this game. First aspect of any game is gameplay Burrito Bison is long distance launching bouncer. You launch a wrestler and watch bouncing on gummy bears. Five opponents are there each with unique weakness KO them for big bonuses. You gain speed along the way and hope to break through to the next level. You can pick up parents along the way and repeat the process if you failed. You can unlock three powerful wrestlers Burrito Bison, Pineapple Spank and El Pollo to bounce.They all have fun and playful look to them not much in detail but serves the purpose.You can power-up to these characters. These upgrades become more and more expensive leading to multiple bounces in the same level. The pinatas are there to burst them and get rewarded.

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