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Today debate – Telephoto vs Ultra-wide secondary camera

In the year 2011, dual cameras were used for 3D. In the year 2013, HTC came out with a different approach and made One flagship with a dual camera for depth info. In 2015, the tech went mainstream with the LG G5, Huawei P9, Mate 9 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

No two makers used their secondary camera for the same thing. LG had the ultra-wide-angle lens, Huawei had a B&W sensorand iPhone 7 Plus had a telephoto lens. Now the thing is which one we need the most. LG’s ultra-wide-angle lens can be considered as the best.

Telephoto vs Ultra-wide secondary camera

The G5 of the LG was the most controversial phone with the idea of being a modular phone. The appearance of this phone was appealing for some and repulsive for others. But with the help of its 135-degree secondary camera, you could snap a panoramic shot in an instant. But the things in the frame were smaller and the edges were also distorted. This got fixed with LG G6 and with the V30.

The primary function of the cameras in the phone is to capture memories. And if you are a photographer then you will definitely go for a proper camera instead of the smartphone that has a tiny sensor. If you shoot with the wide-angle camera then you can cover more of surroundings in a single picture.

In the grand scheme of things, a telephoto lens usually brings a nuisance and donot matter.Ultrawide lenses are often misused as these are not understood well. Ultra-wide cameras are not just for fitting everything in the frame, they also bring a distorted perspective. No one can educate the average phone users to use them as intended.

Narrower angle of view is the result of a focal length and with a narrower angle of view, it is tougher to mess up your frame. You just take o photo of the thing that you want to take a photo of without including all the trash cans in the neighborhood.

In all fairness, the normal smartphone camera that is of 24-28mm is plenty wide enough. A telephoto camera besides that makes for a much more multipurpose setup than an even wider 13 or something mm.

Working distance is another point in favor of telephoto. With 24mm lens you don’t take portraits, much less with an ultra-wide. The smartphone industry has a deep fixation with portraits now.
That is the reason Huawei P20 Pro is a revelation with its 80mmequivalent telephoto cam. Huawei lets you stand back, putting your subject at comfort. In addition, it gives the portraits the right perspective and some natural blur in the background before the software starts doing its computational thing.

And, you will surely appreciate the zoom capabilities of smartphones with 2x and 3x tele lenseswhen you visit the Acropolis. These lenses will bring the detail in the column capitals closer, because who doesn’t love capitals.

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