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Tips to make your wedding day a little less stressful

  1. Just follow your heart, it’s your day.

You haven’t to forcefully follow any traditions since it is your wedding day. You get married only once in a lifetime so live it to the fullest without any hesitation. Pick things as per your choices and do not go as per everyone’s suggestions.

  1.  Do not type the word “wedding” on any website.

If you look on the web for suggestions on the word “wedding” everything that will follow up after your request will happen to appear bling. Rather have a theme in mind and look out for suggestions based on it.

  1. Keep a limited guest list

Invite people who are close to you. It is not a festival to call everyone around you. Just call the ones whom you are really close and can connect with. If you call everyone your sanity and wallet will not be happy.

Tips to make your wedding day a little less stressful

  1. Hire a professional makeup artist

Your entire wedding will be photographed and every moment will be captured. The entire makeover will be worth it for the pictures clicked by the photographer. Your professionals will know how to keep you fresh the entire day.

  1. Make sure you keep a note of all the people you gave you gifts

Affirm the individuals who have given you presents for your big day. There are possibilities of the cards getting lost if you send by post.

  1. Create a separate email account

Open a mail account in your name. Put it on your wedding cards or utilize it for your shopping. In this case, all the spam and sweepstakes go to one place and they will not interrupt your normal mails.

  1. Keep the food coming

People who are hungry are never satisfied. Consider serving late night appetizers and drinks. People will dance the entire night and be hungry. So if you keep food at their service they will be happy and satisfied.

  1. Seek help from other friends

Seek help from others. Delegate work to people who propose to help you out. Do not do everything single-handedly. If you delegate works you will have a stress free day and will really enjoy your day.

  1. Hand over your phone to someone responsible

On the day of your wedding give your phone to someone else and make them your secretary for the day. People will keep calling you to wish you well or ask silly questions. You may not be able to deal with it. Hence leave it to the one who is in charge.

  1. Try to sell your wedding decor

Check online if anyone is interested in buying your wedding decor. There will be a few wedding planners who will love to buy your decorations. It may help you a little to meet up the costs. In case you do not want to buy you can also hire some items.

  1. If you still have doubts

In case you still have doubts regarding your wedding and if you feel it is not meant to be, you have a chance of calling it off. However better than spoiling a life.

I hope you are clear now on making preparations for your wedding.

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