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Things you do not like to do when you are clubbing

  1.    In case you are an introvert, you will love your own personal space.

Everybody does not go to a club to socialize. Some go just to have fun. Even if you like it or not sometimes you will have to mix with a bunch of people whom you do not like. There will be a circumstance where they can get annoying too.

  1.    Shake a leg on the dance floor

You cannot sit in a corner without dancing. There will be a person who will come to grab you to the dance floor. Whether you love to dance or not you have to move your body and tap your feet on the dance floor.


  1.    Dancing with strangers

You need to dance with strangers on the dance floor. A few people will try to grind against you but you will have to bear up with them with a smile on your face.

  1.    Talking into someone’s ears

Since the entire surrounding will have a lot of noise if you try to have a conversation with another individual it won’t be possible. You will have to literally scream into another person’s ear to be audible.

  1.    Overpriced drinks and cuisines

Pubs always price their products at a higher price because of the taxes they are being charged. In case you want to sip a glass of water, you will have to buy it for a double price that the actual cost.

  1.    The dingy washrooms

The washrooms in pubs and clubs will either be very stinky as they won’t be maintained by the visitors since most of them will be drunk. Most often you will get to spot a pool of puke in all the areas. How disgusting it can be right.

  1.    Finding a friend

During weekends the entire club will be crowded. Suppose you get lost among the crowd you will have a difficult time to look out for your friend as it will not be easy to get access to them.

  1.    Fights for vague reasons

When people are drunk they will not be in their senses. Often you can get a glimpse of quarrels in a club as the visitors will be making an issue for silly reasons and getting into fights and then the bouncers will have to come to everyone’s rescue.

  1.    The noisy music

Many times the DJ happens to play loud music to which the visitors will not be able to shake a leg. Sometimes the music is too loud for the ears that it spoils the entire atmosphere of the club.

  1.    Creeps, Creeps everywhere

You will find random strangers who will approach you and offer to tag along with you. There will be cases where you will be stalked, touched inappropriately, coaxed to dance along with and these incidents will make you feel uncomfortable.

These are certain views people have when they visit a club. Whether you love clubbing or not you can relate to these incidents.

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