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These Face Packs Will Help Your Skin In Winter Season

The cold season seems to steal its moisture from the skin. The result, lifeless skin Skin needs special nutrition during the winter season. To provide this nutrition to the skin, you do not have to travel around the beauty parlor. With the help of a special face pack, you can also enhance your skin color during the cold season.

 Almond And Honey

Almond and honey are very beneficial for rustic and normal skin. The face packs prepared with them during the winter season are considered good for every kind of skin. Soak almonds in milk at night. Next day, make a fine paste and mix it with honey, lemon juice, and rose water and prepare the paste. Apply daily face for 30 minutes and wash the face with light lukewarm water. While the honey gives moisture to the skin, almonds are under control over aging and skin scars. Also, mixing feathers with almond or Multani clay and milk can also form face packs. Put face pack on face and after 30 minutes you scrub the face 3 to 5 minutes with wet fingers and wash your face. Continuous use of one week will make a difference.

Pomegranate Face Pack

If you want to give skin brightness immediately with herbal remedies then pomegranate facials can be done at home. For this, scrub the face in the pomegranate juice for 5 minutes by adding a few drops of rice flour and honey. Then mix glycerin and aloe vera gel in pomegranate juice, massage the face 40 minutes. Clean the face and then add oats and honey in the pomegranate juice and make a face pack and apply for face for half an hour. You can do this facial once in two weeks. This will give you facial-glow in your skin parlor.

Rose And Aloe vera Pack

Rose petals are rich in properties. Grate rose petals and add aloe vera gel to it. Massage this paste with light hands on the face for 15 to 20 minutes. Now in this paste, make a face pack by mixing some drops of almond oil and black clay. You will notice changes in your skin within one week and ten days. Make a paste of aloe vera gel and rose petals before sleeping in the night and apply stains on the spots. The stains will be light and with the brightness of the skin, its beauty will also improve.

Orange Face Mask

Mix fresh orange peel with milk and grind it. Prepare the paste in a few drops of Vitamin-E. Put it on the face as a face mask and after 20-25 minutes wash your face while scrubbing the face. Vitamin-E will moisturize the skin during the winter and vitamin-C and antioxidants present in the orange peel will also shine the skin with shine brightness.

Green Tea And Curd

Make a paste by adding curd in half teaspoon green tea powder. After 10 minutes put it on the face and leave for 30 minutes. Massage with light hands and keep it as a mask. After 30 minutes wash the face with light lukewarm water. This pack will give moisture to the skin. The nutrients present in green tea will prevent the problem of acne, while yogurt will keep your skin fresh and give natural moisture. Take steam even once a week. This will clear the skin well.

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