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Tesla Has Started Rolling Out Autopilot Feature (Speed Limit 45mph)

Tesla Autopilot
Image Source: The Verge

Elon Musk is all set to deliver on his commitment with the rollout of an exciting feature – Autopilot.  This mechanism will be directly ingested into Model S & Model X of Tesla built since October last year. These models already have a second generation Autopilot hardware installed, the software will automatically be uploaded in these cars over the air. So, Tesla car owners literally need not do anything and this feature will be updated into their vehicles in a snap.

This new autopilot feature will consist of a speed limit as well. The autosteer function will work only below the speed of 45 mph and the same is advisable to be used on highways which have lane markings. But, Musk doesn’t stop there and have committed the increase in speed limits with this feature in the coming months.

Other interesting features of the autopilot mechanism are known as TACC or Traffic Aware Cruise Control system and FCW or Forward Collision Waing. TACC feature will help in accelerating or decelerating the vehicle’s speed as per traffic density and will ensure to maintain safe distance with other vehicles. This feature is currently operational till a speed limit of 75mph which is surely an upgrade from cruise control. FCW feature will alert the driver about a possible roadblock which can result into collision. This feature will provide a waing sound signal along with picture representation to inform the driver about the obstacle.

Of the many regular announcements made by Elon Musk regarding the updates on Tesla vehicle, this announcement is surely the most encouraging one, especially to the existing owners of HW2 vehicles – Model S & Model X.Surely, Tesla users can expect to hear more exciting announcements from Musk in the coming months. And to all Tesla lovers, do share your views on this new feature!

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