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This Is Why People Don’t Agree With Sound Of Same Headphones

elijah wood headphone

There have been interesting researches on the sound of headphones as it is found to believe that every human being have a different opinion on the same headphone sound and this behavior has been researched by Brent Butterworth who has provided an elaborative reasoning about the same. In a recent study, different humans have been made to hear a same headphone sound and asked about their opinions. Interestingly, every test subject had a different take on the sound heard which proves the theory of disagreement as every human has a different take on same headphone sound.

Every human has different hearing and interpretation capabilities

Ear Shape

It has been found that the reason for different interpretations is due to the development process of human ears as the ear canals vary from human to human. As quoted by Jacob Soendergaard, a sales engineer in a sound and vibration company.

Each minute variation in geometry (ear canal shape, amount of folds and creases in the canal, aspect ratio of canal, location of double bends, size of tympanic membrane [eardrum], etc.) will affect the hearing perception — especially at the high frequencies with very short wavelengths.

Hence, in the case of frequencies between 10KHz to 20 KHz (human hearing range), even a minuscule difference in offsetting of the human eardrum, which can be referred to as a measurement device, by a millimetre can result in varied results from person to person.

Every human has a different headphone’s space-sense

HRTF Headphone


Scientifically, the human brain uses hand related transfer function or HRTF to locate sound in three dimensions. This function involves the time difference between the arrival of sound at the ears, difference in sound levels, differences in frequency caused by acoustical effects of heads, shoulders and pinnae. All these functions support the interpretation of the sound.

Headphones adjustments to the ears

Headphone fit ear

The fitting of headphones plays a great role in the sound performance output of headphones. It is dependent on the fit of the ear pads of an ear-headphone on the pinna. For a good bass of headphones, a good seal will ensure the same. In case if any space is created, the headphones will have a low bass, which might result in the tonal imbalance.

Different humans have different tastes

Headphone Music Taste

It has been observed that one of the reasons behind the different taste could be varied perception of humans towards a headphone sound. This can be obvious as every human is different and the like and dislikes to a particular headphone sound mostly depends upon which sound is more likeable to a particular human.

Hearing ability varies

Headphone sound with age

The hearing capability of a human undergoes changes with age. If the human ear is exposed to loud sounds continuously, it might result in low hearing capabilities in the long run as the ear might have lost hearing efficiency at loud sounds. Also, as you grow old with age, the hearing aid of humans starts to show changes, the efficiency of which slowly withers away with time.


Source: Lifewire

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