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Stories Of People On How They Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is not an easy task. For some people it may take days a few it may take decades and some individuals may not be able to get rid of it for a lifetime. Smoking kills and shortens the lifespan of people. But there are a few heroes who have managed to fight with their addiction and overcome it. Let’s read out some testimonials from individuals who confess how they quit smoking.

Quitting smoking


  1. Adele Maria had decided to not smoke because she had to walk the ramp in college. During this event, she suffered breathlessness. This made her realize that she had to quit smoking. She smoked bad cigarettes that had the worse taste ever. This helped her in quitting and whenever she had withdrawal symptoms she would eat baby carrots.
  1. Simone Stringari made a resolution to quit smokes when she was 30 years old. She took a wake up call as she had to raise a daughter too. Choosing a day to quit smoking was a hard decision as she was smoking since she turned 15 years old. In her testimony, she wishes everyone good luck. People may fail to quit during the first attempt but don’t give up.
  1. Mariana Soares Ferreira’s mother found out that she was smoking. She tried her best to get her daughter rid of it but the efforts went in vain. Every time Mariana tried lighting up a cigarette she would think of her mother praying for her and would feel a lump in her throat. This made her say “NO” to cigarettes.
  1. Erika managed to quit smoking seven years ago. She worked hard for two years to keep cigarettes away from her but failed always. One day when she placed a cigarette in her mouth she had an acid reflux. This notified her that her body was already rejected it and her system was not immune to it. She began to drink gallons of water every time she craved to smoke and developed this good habit.
  1. Tete Loveless and her husband had a junkie life. He suffered a cardiac arrest and almost died. After this incident, they decided to lead a clean life because it made them re-think about their living. Since both were chain smokers initially they found it had to get rid of it. It was their means of relaxation. They couldn’t believe themselves when they had a strong willpower to quit. Now she feels that is she re-born as an individual.
  1. Elisa Barbosa lost her grandmother to lung cancer. She had begun smoking when she was 11 years old and died a brutal death suffering for a long-term period. Her death hit Elisa’s intuitions. It also let her into depression and she stood firm and decided that she would not smoke again in her life. After that, she never did in memory of her grand mother’s death and at the cost of her own life.

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