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Apps that will make you smarter by increasing your knowledge and memory

Apps Make You Smart

Apps have been the main reason behind the success of smartphones. Apps have also created a source of income for their developers due to the increasing demand of Apps in the smartphones. Apps can update your knowledge or can make your time pass by providing various kind of entertainment to you.

Here we got a list of Apps that can make you smarter than others. These Apps are available on iOS and Android app market and can be easily installed on your Apple or Android smartphone. You can also search for them if using other platform smartphone.


This app has content from Discovery Channel archives and has over 30,000 educational articles, videos and podcasts from HowStuffWorks archives. You can find content related to history, technology, news and other updates. You can also test your knowledge by taking quizzes and reading facts and quotes.

Download: iOS devices, Android devices

Lumosity Brain Trainer

This app has been developed with the help of world’s leading neuroscientists to boost your memory and problem solving skills. It has about 10 feature games which will increase brain functionality. You can download it from Apple App store for free.

Download: iOS devices


This app will surely increase your vocabulary and you will become familiar with popular GMAT, GRE or SAT terms by the help of quiz and dictionary search. You can try using this app if you don’t like crosswords, anagrams or scrabbles.

Download: Android devices


This app has a collection of academic articles, videos and lectures. You can read articles, watch videos and listen to lectures from world’s most intellectual minds. You can also download its content and use it offline and its content can also be streamed to a TV.

Download: iOS devicesAndroid devices


If you are not familiar with Physics laws and rules then this app is surely going to help you in getting familiar with them. It has complex structures designed with physics laws and engineering quandaries. You can create a building and test it against wind, eight, and other things which might force your building to collapse. You can also view your building in slow motion.

Download: iOS devices

Brain Age Test

If you suffer from short term memory then this app is surely going to help you. Take the test available in this app for 10 minutes to see brain age progression and you can share the results globally. It is available for free on Apple’s App store.

Download: iOS devices, Android devices

Today in History

This app will help you in finding out what all activities happened today in past history. You can even select a date to get the historical events on that date. It is available on Apple app and GooglePlay app store for free.

Download: iOS devices

Clockwork Brain

This app has a number of innovative puzzles which will enhance your cognitive skills. It includes Anagrams, Missing Tiles Chase the Numbers, Scrolling Silihouettes and Size Matters mini games which will make your brain work out.

Download: iOS devices

NY Times Crosswords

If you missed a crossword published in NY Times then you can find that and solve that on your smartphone or tablet. It is available in the form of app for various smartphones. You can even compete with top players on the online leaderboards. You can download this app from the NY Times official website.

Download: iOS devices, Android devices

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