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How to slack off at work and not get caught

As the new year begins, you must have to get back to your old job. Now this is going to be hard after the festive season but there is no choice! So here are some tips on how to slack off at work and not get caught. That said, I want to highlight a fact here that if you don’t like your job, quit it and do the job you are really interested in. But for those who are still stuck, here are the ways to slack off.

How to slack off at work and not get caught

Slacking off is fine, everyone needs time to self also. You can’t be productive for 9 hours straight, as the study says. So to pass your time you go on toilet breaks or book meeting rooms to gossip. Well today, I am going to give you the ways which will make you look productive but you will be just passing the time in the office. So let’s begin.

Top 50 ways to slack off at work

  • The top one is browsing the internet, looking for some funny or random things.
  • Surfing the internet, same as above but this time you tilt your screen away from your colleagues.
  • Browsing social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Messaging on WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.
  • Checking personal emails.
  • Online shopping. Looking at sales.
  • Going for little walks around the office. This way you will maintain a check on your health also.
  • Going to canteen and having lunch or snacks.
  • Doing your personal tasks like booking tickets or banking.
  • You must be doing this one – looking at screen and day dreaming! Well, start acting, dreams are not going to fulfill themselves.
  • Going for refilling your drinks or water bottle.
  • Reading document again and again.

stats of slacking off at work

  • Blogging, like I am doing now 😀
  • Toilet breaks.
  • Conversing while taking coffee.
  • Writing diary or your personal thoughts, appearing to be taking serious notes
  • Having long lunch conversations.
  • Wearing headphones, appearing to be in a meeting or training.
  • Participating in team building activities.
  • Ask for work from home if possible in your scenario.
  • Playing online games.
  • Go for “number two”.
  • Read some magazine or newspaper.
  • Arranging townhall meetings.
  • Creating/arranging off-site plans.
  • Call your friends or family.
  • Take fag breaks.
  • Go for tea breaks over and over again.
  • Clear your desk.
  • Booking meeting rooms for playing games or gossiping.
  • Turn your screen brightness to low so that no one can see what you are doing.
  • Watch TV shows or movie on phone.
  • Write some tips or messages or quotes on post it and give it to everyone.
  • Keep checking time.
  • Take half day leave and go for a walk or coffee with your friend.
  • Walk around the office meeting new people.
  • Read something interesting or something related to your work and share it with everyone.
  • Take or arrange some knowledge sharing sessions.
  • Go to office’s hospital and provide help there.
  • Book boardroom and take a nap.
  • If your office have nap rooms, make use of them.
  • Pretend there is some fault with your phone or PC.
  • Run a separate side business.
  • Check stock market.
  • Disable sleep mode of your PC.

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