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Serial Killer Breaks Prison After Memorizing Master Key

Daniel Luthur HeissIn a shocking tu of events in 1995, 2 serial killers escaped the maximum security prison of Australia – Berrimah Prison which caused huge embarrassment to the prison authorities.

This story can surely make a plot for a Hollywood movie!So these prisoners namely – Daniel Luthur Heiss & Shane Baker planned a brilliant escape, thanks to the cell authorities.

Unknowingly, the cell authorities distributed a book along with a set of dummy keys to all new prisoners which strikingly had the design of a master key printed on it. Daniel, the genius behind their escape actually memorized the entire design of the master key which used to tagged to an officer’s belt on the prison cell round. Baker used to be a jeweler and was an expert. He sourced a jewellery making equipment in the prison.

Now picture this, Shane & Daniel were in opposite cells in the prison and Daniel was the only one who was able to reach the lock as Shane’s cell was far from the lock. Every time, Shane would sharpen and design the key and pass it onto Daniel to check if the design works to open the lock. After multiple iterations and efforts, the duo was able to make the exact replica of the master key and were able to unlock the prison with this replica. They were successful in climbing off the three fold fences boundary of Berrimah prison and finally escaped the prison.

The genius Daniel Luthur Heiss wrote below on the wall of the cell:

This bird has flown

The Berrimah Cell started a search to hunt down the escaped prisoners. They were able to catch Shane Baker but Daniel was still on the run for 12 days at a stretch.

This entire drama was surely a shock for Berrimah Prison authorities who later discontinued the books distribution and got the locks of the entire cell changed. This reminds us of the drama series – “Prison Break”. Doesn’t it?


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