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Samsung M10 Listed On Geekbench

Last week’s news came about Samsung in which the company’s Galaxy M series’s upcoming device Galaxy M2 was mentioned. In this leak, with the photo of Galaxy M2, some specifications of this phone were also mentioned. Now another leak connected to the same series of Samsung has surfaced. In this leak, Samsung’s new smartphone is listed on the benchmarking site of China, named as the Galaxy M10 smartphone.

For the first time, this leaked connected Samsung has come out in front of Tech Market, referring to the Galaxy M10 smartphone. According to Leak, the Galaxy M10 smartphone has been listed on Benchmarking Site Gebatch where there are some important specifications of this phone also. Samangsang’s new phone on Geekbench has been listed with SM-M 105 F model number. Let us know, before this, two other phones of the Samsung Galaxy M series have come up with the SM-M205F and SM-M305F model number.

About the Galaxy M series, it is said that Samsung can launch three smartphones under the series in the coming days. These smartphones can be marketed with the name of Galaxy M10, Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30. In all three smartphones, the Galaxy M10 will be the cheapest smartphone. According to Geekbench’s listing, the Galaxy M10 can be launched with 3 GB of RAM memory and this phone will run on Samsung’s Xenos 7870 chipset.

Samsung galaxy M10 Gebatch has been given 724 scores in single core and this phone has received 3637 scores in the multi core. Let us know that Samsung will lock the company’s existing Galaxy Anchor and Galaxy J series, along with the Galaxy M series entry. Under the Galaxy M series, low-budget cheap phones will launch smartphones with mid-range ranges. Samsung can present its Galaxy M series in early 2019.

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