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Samsung Has Provided Research Data On Note 7 Battery Issue

Well folks, one of the biggest rollback of the smartphone launch carried out by Samsung have finally come to an end with the results behind the reason for Galaxy Note 7 phone catching fire. It’s the faulty battery!

Samsung spokesperson have confirmed this news and mentioned about rapid active measures taken to avoid any such instance in future thereby trying to rebuild the trust and gain momentum in the highly competitive smartphone space. This announcement has been made 3 months after the debacle which saw Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones being discontinued few months after launch and which caused the company a whopping $5.3 billion dent in its pocket.

This time the company has affirmed its users about the protective measures taken to prevent any such incident and the next launch – Samsung S8 which will have a higher emphasis on user’s safety. A lesson learnt in a hard way!

Samsung mobile chief Koh Dong-Jin apologized to all Samsung customers and went ahead quoting

Deep investigation into this incident was a first step to regain your trust.

Also, Koh mentioned that Samsung’s upcoming smartphone S8 will not be showcased in the upcoming MWC (Mobile World Congress) conference which has been the launching pad for all new Samsung launches till last year.

Close to 3 million handsets have been recalled by the company and social media was abuzz with the ire shown by Samsung users.Now that Samsung have cleared the air about its most criticized smartphone launches, the manufacturer will deploy all possible mechanism in place to rebuild the customer base and regain it top spot in the smartphone markets in emerging and developed territories.Note 7 Battery IssueNow that we have seen a huge drama unfolding in this incident. All Samsung lovers can hope to expect bigger and better features from Samsung S8!

Source: Samsung Official Blog

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