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Some Dealbreaker Information Regarding Samsung Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 Front and BackAfter the debacle of Samsung Galaxy 7, the handset manufacturer is gearing up for it next much talked about launch with new features. Needless to mention that this time the smartphone manufacturer will ensure due diligence from safety features perspective.But, a recent news leaked about Samsung Galaxy 8 reveals some flaws in the new smartphone which could potentially tu the new smartphone launch upside down.The leaked designs of Samsung Galaxy 8 reveals a super slim handset body with a larger screen which ideally depicts no space for the manufacturer to display its brand name on the front screen. Though leaked sources suggests that Samsung might be bringing in its Brand logo by hard coding “SAMSUNG” in the top 1/4th part of the screen. Now that could be quite an unhappy front screen view for the users. Isn’t it?Another leaked feature about Samsung Galaxy 8 will be the fingerprint sensor functionality. Now, we might have seen this feature in various models recently and usually its placed right where the index finger can reach but ironically, Samsung might be positioning this functionality just beside the rear camera. This might turn out be a big turn-off as the placement of fingerprint sensor in this manner might activate the sensor multiple times due to user touching the sensor accidentally.

All said and done, this particular information leak cannot be confirmed with certainty. But if this is actually the case, then Samsung might fall behind competition in a big way. Though Samsung holds a large chuck of market share in the smartphone industry worldwide and with every new launch the smartphone manufacturer has pushed the limits with the new design and features but these particular design and feature flaws might result in creating a big blow to Samsung.

Sources have revealed the pictures of these flawed design and features and believe strongly about the same being present in this new smartphone. If that’s the case, then this would not actually be a good sign for Samsung as users will be expecting a lot from this first new launch of 2017 by Samsung.

Well, everyone is going to find out the actual features of the Samsung Galaxy 8 once the same is launched. But until then, these speculations are growing strong!

Source: Forbes

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