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Report: Samsung Galaxy S10 To Feature Triple Rear Cameras

Good news to all S series fans, while Samsung is yet to launch Note 9 which has been delayed due to some design reasons. The Samsung company is working on Note 10 and probably it will launch in a quarter of 2019. According to rumors S10 may come with an under- display fingerprint sensor along with the 3D camera. Can’t wait to see it !.

Despite versatile features, Samsung S10 launch with another name. Usually, to make it series simple, Samsung gives their phones name like S1, S2….S9 but for S10 that may not be what happens.  In the press release which is held on 26 Feb 2018, the president of the Samsung mobile Koh Dong Jin said, “However, the Samsung series stick to a galaxy. We have been thinking about whether we have to maintain S moniker or number system”.  Fans of the Samsung series claiming that it will be launched by the name “Samsung X”.

The investors said that company seeing less demand of S9 because of its copies features from the previous serious. So make it S10 on demand we have to add something unique features in a phone to increase the market value. So the team of Samsung galaxy has decided to add 3D rare camera feature with autofocus and portrait for selfie lovers, its gives AR capability as well as enables the phone to capture the image in a 3D form.

As per the information leaked earlier, Samsung already develops the display design and body structure of Galaxy 10 and 3D sensor for the phone is being made by Israel- based Mantis vision. According to the report, the display is expected larger than Note 9 that is 6.3 inch and powering everything could be 875 Qualcomm Snapdragon, this will definitely improve the performance of the handset and Samsung tidbits also revealed that  Galaxy 10 will come with next-generation 5G technology which will provide faster internet speed to the users. After seeing the specification of Galaxy10, we must say this could be the first phone of a Samsung series which is completely based on innovative technology.

Samsung 10 is everything that gives you anything. So let’s take at the expected price of Samsung Note 10. At this stage, it’s difficult to make any assumption regarding price but if we take the scenario from the previous Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 sets we can reach nearby the price of S10. In the US the launch price of the S8 was $725 while Note 9 was $ 720 because a feature of the phones is almost same despite display design. But as we can see the Samsung 10 will come with innovative technology so the price of the phone is slightly larger than S9, the S10 will launch at $749.

All these assumptions are not official about Samsung Galaxy 10, it’s a leaked report from the press released, so there is no way to confirm the authenticity of this information and there are several years for the official launch.

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