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Samsung cheap smartphones will also have display fingerprint Sensor

This year, Vivo launched these display fingerprint scanners with the X21. After Vivo, companies like Oppo, Oneplus and Huawei introduced their phones, which provided fingerprint scanners at the bottom of the screen. The new name in this episode is the addition of Samsung. The news came a few days ago that the company could launch its flagship phone from the Samsung Galaxy S10. But now there is another news for Samsung Fans which can be quite good. According to the information, the company can present these display fingerprints in the phone of its cheap A Series, which launches next year. The vendor has also been decided for this

According to the information provided by Samsung, the phones of the Galaxy A series, which comes in 2019, can be equipped with this feature. For this, Samsung is talking to Aegis Technology, a Chinese company and it has now come to a final decision. This company works to make the optical display best fingerprint scanner for the phone. However its optical sensor is not compatible with Qualcomm’s ultrasonic sensor. According to the news, the ultrasonic sensor will be used by the company in the Galaxy S10, the sensors available by Aziz Technology will be used in Galaxy Aeries phones.

As it is known, the optical sensor works by light. It scans finger through the light effect on the screen. It captures a unique finger pattern so that the phone can be unlocked. This company is still manufacturing sensors for many other manufacturers.

However, it is not clear whether the company will use it with which model. But a good thing for Samsung users can be said that they will now get premium features in a lower range.

After continuous competition from Chinese mobile companies, the company is now paying a lot of attention to new innovation. Recently Samsung has rolled out the Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A9 in the Indian market and has given 3 and 4 rear cameras respectively. At the same time, 91 Mobiles have published a news in which it has been claimed that the company is going to change its entire portfolio. Low Range These display fingerprint scanners, 5G phones, 6 camera phones show these same efforts.


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