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Here’s a way according to Rex Tillerson to avoid mission creep in Syria

USA’s top diplomat Rex Tillerson demands a presence of an indefinite US troop in Syria to prevent Iranian expansion. After making the statement a journalist questioned him if the United States is going to wage a new multi-front war in the Middle East. Once the question was raised he delivered a speech at Stanford University this Wednesday saying that there is a need for the presence of a US troop in Syria to a broader goal in order to prevent the activities in Bashar Al-Assad’s capacities to commit mass transgressions.

Rex Tillerson on how to avoid mission creep in Syria

Tillerson made a statement saying that “U.S. disengagement from Syria would provide Iran a golden opportunity to further strengthen its own position in Syria.” He has made an ambitious standoff with Iran and the Assad regime and has managed to create strategies with the help of informal advisors to the Trump administration like John Bolton who was the former US Ambassador to the UN and Mark Dubowitz an executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

He also wants to ensure that this conflict does not put Iran closer to its great goal of controlling Syria. The aim conferred by Rex Tillerson just does not focus on the ISIS. He has lowered the expectations of direct fighting between US forces and Iranian and Syrian government troops and militias. The main goal is to defeat the ISIS and in case there are any other sources who come forward to attack the US forces they will take the right to defend themselves. It is not required to make ISIS as the top priority but even the strong forces of Iran on Syria need to be reduced.

The US has about 2,000 troops in Syria, far too few to provide a counterweight to the thousands of Iranians. He also followed up saying that the US troops will not leave any bases since they learned a lesson after withdrawing from Iraq which led to the growth of Al Qaeda.  They have comes across sleeper cells from ISIS and withdrawal from Syria may cause more trouble.

Besides Syria Tillerson said that the US has no agreement on de-escalation with the Idlib province since it is a complicated area they have offered to sign an agreement but for the moment there isn’t any green signal provided.  The main challenge for the US in Idlib is to deal with the presence of jihadist militants like al Qaeda and the Nusrah Front as they have made their presence in the population. Even the offers made by the US to coordinate with Russia but they have not managed to make any progress over them.   

Another problem in the nation is Turkey’s threats to target Kurdish militants in the northern parts of Syria. He mentioned that all these issues have arisen due to miscommunication about what the US is doing in the border region and confessed that the US needs to give an explanation to the Turkey government.

He concluded saying that, “These incidents in the world are unfortunate.”

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