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PubG Mobile Lite Version Is Launched

PubG Mobile Lite Version Is Launched

Tencent Games has launched PubG Mobile Lite version for Game Lover. This game is better for those users who do not have hardware support for heavy games like PubG. After this launch, users will now be able to play PubG survival games on their mobile. Let us know that the PubG Mobile Lite version is currently made available in the Philippines. It can be downloaded in the selected region

The company has said that after testing in some areas, it will be launched in India too. PUBG Mobile Lite Game will work closely with the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich software. In the Indian market, the phone base of 10,000 rupees is very large, the user base is quite big. These smartphones have simple hardware and features. If this game launches in India then it will be able to use it easily. Also, this game will get faster new users too.

PUBG Lite’s Fake Website

If you are trying to download it from the Play Store So make sure that from where you are downloading is the official page of PUBG Mobile Lite. Because many of the Fake Profile Lite game versions are offered on the Google Play Store. At the same time, PubG main game size is 2 GB. So if you download it, keep in mind that your phone has the heavy hardware.

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