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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Engaged?

The news of Bollywood’s country girl Priyanka Chopra’s engagement has surprised everyone. In fact, the news of the relationship between Priyanka and Nick Jonas was coming in the past few days, but recently the American media has revealed that Nick and Priyanka have engaged. The website ‘’, quoting a source, said that on July 18, both of them had engaged in Priyanka 36th birthday in London.

After the news of the engagement, it is now being reported that both of them can get married in October and for this reason, Priyanka has left Salman Khan’s opposite film ‘India’.

Talk about engagement, such news is, ‘Jonas purchased the engagement ring from New York City’s Tiffany store. Both are very happy after the engagement. Nick is very happy after his engagement with Priyanka. Not only that, the news of Nick’s friends and family has never seen him happy before. They say that Nick is quite serious about Priyanka. ”

Now, how much truth is there in these reports that it will have to tell Priyanka only. By the way, when Nick came to India, the news of the marriage of both of them started to become viral, because after coming to India, Nick also met Priyanka’s mother

Breaking silence on the news of Nick and his daughter’s relationship, Priyanka’s mother said, ‘We all came out just for a dinner date. About 10 people were present during the party, so I did not get much chance to talk to Nick. I had met Nick from that party for the first time, in such a situation, I think that after making a meeting, it would be unfair to make any opinion about someone.


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