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People who were killed because of their attire

Have you ever imagined yourself wearing a dress that could get you killed? It sounds ridiculous, isn’t it? Read out this space to discover some personalities who died because of the choices from their wardrobe.

  1. First Queen Elizabeth

First Queen Elizabeth

Ever known the reason why she died?

When she ruled her paleness became synonymous with beauty, wealth and nobility. To look gorgeous she would apply lead-based makeup. Yes, It’s lead makeup that would cause scarring and damage to her. Her Highness must have appeared to look pretty, but every time she used this makeup it would slowly attack. She started becoming a victim of this slow poison and one fine day the cosmetic seeped into her skin and it was the end.

  1. The laws of the 16th century

The laws happened to distinguish and define the identity of the individuals based on the attire. In England during the 16th-century feathers were allotted to each of the classes to be worn so that they could be identified. Once a boy would turn thirteen he was supposed to wear a hat according to the social norms. The lower classes had to wear either duck, chicken or grouse feathers and the upper classes would wear peacock, ostrich, swan or pheasant feathers. In case an individual was spotted with a pheasant feather he would be punishable by death.

  1. Women during the Victorian

Women during the Victorian

Women would eat Arsenic in order to clear their skin. This remedy was discovered by the Austrian in the mid-1800s. The practitioners would eat bits of arsenic to have a glowing skin and overall inbuilt health. Further, they created pills, creams, spa baths and would help the women in beautifying themselves.

On the other hand, this remedy had a list of side effects like headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, cramping, and hair loss. The users were addicted to these pills and couldn’t get over it. They started surrendering their life to this drug which killed them slowly.

  1. Shirt collars

Shirt collars

In the early 18th century men made use of detachable collars which were easier to clean. But when they would get drunk at night or have certain respiratory issues they would pass out in their collars and die from asphyxiation. This would happen because of the lack of air that would reach the windpipe. There were many reports regarding about collar deaths in the earlier years.

  1. Hobble Skirts

Hobble Skirts

A famous designer Paul Poiret curated a hobble skirt. This skirt constricted the women’s movements from the knees and forced them to walk around taking tiny steps. People thought that the skirt appeared to look dainty but it was hazardous. Women who wore it would trip and fall most often. A case was reported where a woman wearing a hobble skirt stumbled and fell over the railing of a bridge. The fashion lasted in between 1910 to 1913 and soon went out of vogue.

So BE-AWARE of what you wear. Your attire should not be the reason of to your end.

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