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After Oreo update no Sony Xperia phone will have a night mode option

Since smartphone makers seem to be following Apple with the addition of night mode with new software update, Sony seems to be reverse engineering with its Xperia smartphones.

Sony comes with a feature called “good night actions” which helps the users to reduce the light on the screen and is a night mode option. But through a twitter query it has been told that with the Oreo update the phone will drop that feature and also no other Xperia smartphone will acquire that night mode feature.

Sony Oreo Update

The question on twitter was:

“hello sony! I was wondering if the Xperia XZ premium will receive the new theme app user interface, introduced with the new Xperia XA2, XA2 ultra and L2. Also, why does the Xperia A1 have night light/blue light filter in Xperia actions but the rest of the Xperia don’t?”

The user was responded saying about the theme app that they don’t really hold specific information on the availability of this as they provide tech support. About Xperia actions there are no current plans on adding night mode/light to Xperia devices.

Night mode feature is a very convenient feature and every smartphone user is a fan of it. It wasn’t expected from a brand like Sony to drop some feature like this when it is being appreciated by users. If Sony Xperia XA1 users are a big fan of good night actions they must stick to the Nougat version and do not upgrade the phone to the latest Oreo version. Although that feature can be achieved through installing other apps but it’s not guaranteed by Sony that it will give the optimal performance on the phones.

The intention of the company is not clear about removing the night mode feature because it did no harm to the operating system of the device. It would be user friendly and courteous of the company if it thought more about the users’ health as its scientifically proven that the blue light from the phone is harmful for any human being.

The blue radiations have very high frequency which affect the cornea and the lens of the eyes which don’t filter it out. It might be surprising for you but 67% of the eye defects are caused by facing the screen directly. It is also said that using smartphone just before going to bed can make it difficult to get sleep. Scientists have proved that the blue light of the display tricks the brain to think that it is still day and hence getting sleep becomes difficult. While a feature light night shift mode does help, smartphone users would better off not using smartphones few hours before going to bed.

Sony is a progressive company which is producing smartphones and missing out a basic feature like night mode is not very appreciative. But hopefully it will come up with an idea to make it up for the missing feature.

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