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Nokia: Its Life and Fall

Who can live without a phone these days?  We live in an era where phones are the basic necessity. The need for usage of phones changed and so did Nokia phones over time. Everyone from the 90’s has used Nokia phones once in their lifetime and clearly loved it.

Nokia Timeline

So, it started in 1992 when Nokia came up with the GSM phone: NOKIA 1011. This was the first mass produced GSM phone. In the year 1994 it was followed by Nokia 2100 where they introduced Nokia tune ringtone for the first time. Well, who cannot recognise that tune? Then arrives the pre-installed snake game phone: Nokia 6110 in 1997. By this time people had started using mobile phones over landlines and GSM provided very high quality voice calls and text messages possible. So, for Nokia the rod had hit the iron and it was the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world.

Nokia timeline

In the year 2002, Nokia came up with a camera phone: Nokia 7650. Although it wasn’t a smart But Nokia 1100 was the most sold phone in the history of Nokia. It produced a lot of phones and did pretty well in the business until there were other brands competing against the popularity, affordability and technology. In the late 2000s, a lot of companies like Sony, blackberry and iphone manufactured smart phones and it wasn’t just about calls anymore.

The fall

Smartphones took over the generation and phones were a source of entertainment, communication and even replaced clocks. Nokia wasn’t dead yet, it brought Nokia C series and was again one of the best touch and type phone. After android phones were introduced by Samsung it took over the market where Nokia ruled before. Then the series of failed attempts by the company in the form of  Asha series or lumia. It wasn’t working anymore.

What caused the failure?

In the beginning when Nokia was succeeding we can see how it went on with development, novelty and innovation of something which wasn’t possible. Over the decade it went from the top manufacturers to the last. The reason behind it can be the speed. The world changed so fast and the competitors took over because the company was slow in changing on to what was in demand. The snake game was great but temple run did buy us all.

Nokia did a great job in mobile phones. It did make history but It is like the legacy which wasn’t followed. Will it have a comeback in the mobile phone industry or now I should say smartphone? Let’s see!

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