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New Features of Google Maps You Need to Know

Now on Google Maps, you will get information about every event like Facebook

Google Map today has become a need but not just a feature for us. With the help of Ape we can easily find any place. Simultaneously, we can easily see information on traffic from traffic to public transport. There have been many major changes in Google Maps. With this the company has added many new features to the app. In fact, in recently held Google I / O 2018, the company had talked of adding several new features which have been made live now. So you know the new features of Google Maps

Now you can get the information of any restaurant or shopping place in Seconds in new features of Google Maps. In the app you can also search the food list of your choice. Apart from this, you can also find out who has made the visible food list

Now on Google Maps you will get information about every event like Facebook. Google recently added this feature to its features. Users can filter the event section according to time and location. That is, if you set an event based on the location, then the app will give you information about the events according to your choice. But if you set it on a day or time, you will get different information in the app.

Google has made the interface even easier in its new update. In the new Google Maps interface, the corner of the search box has been rounded. Also, the fonts of the app have been changed. The interface of the app is given more white space to make it attractive. Apart from this, the category icon has been made more colorful and beautiful. You will now find featured public lists of restaurant types in the app. Apart from this, event timing and lists have also been added to this new feature of the app.

Users can customize navigation icons in Google Maps. This means that if you prefer to see a car’s symbol in place of Navigation Arrow while using Google Maps, then you can customize it according to your own accord. However, this feature is available only for iOS users.

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