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Google Launched Neighbourly App In India

Google new app ‘Neighbourly’ will not let you feel any in the unknown city. Like a good guide, he will show you the way at every turn. Google has introduced ‘ Neighbourly ‘ app for this. On this, people can share each and every information about the neighborhood.

There is no need to type in this app available in over half a dozen languages, including Hindi, English. You can also ask questions by speaking. According to Ben Fahner, Product Manager of Google’s Next Billion User ‘branch, Neighbourly works to connect a user digitally to his / her neighbors. He can question and respond to this and get local information. Users provide this information to each other. In a way, this app democratizes information

In Mumbai-Jaipur service is start

Fowner, who played a key role in developing Google’s product, said that this service has just started in Mumbai and Jaipur. The company has made a waiting list for other cities. After downloading the app in a certain limit and after registration of the people it will be started in other cities.

No need to share phone

Regarding rising concerns about data security, Fahner said, “People do not have to share their phone numbers in order to use this app. Neither do they have to share a direct message, screenshot or profile photo etc. Users can simply question this app using their first name

Will do such work

Suppose someone stands on a choti chopad in Jaipur and asks at ‘Neighbourly’ what is the good shop of sweets around, then this message will reach all the locals present on the app. Then they can give their answers on the app. Likewise, a good mathematics teacher or a good boutique or beauty parlor can get information by asking questions on this app.

Available in many languages

This app works in Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and Bengali languages. This app also works offline. Works on Android Jelly Bean or above all Android smartphones. According to Fohnar, the work of Google Map Service, voice recognition service, local language support service was also used to develop this app.

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