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Narendra Modi addressed the 56th Annual Convocation of IIT Bombay

On the occasion of Diamond Jubilee of IIT-Bombay, the Prime Minister inaugurated the new building of Energy Science and Engineering Department and Environment Science and Engineering Center. Earlier in his address, Modi said that the concept of IIT was done for the contribution of the nation through technology. Along with this, IIT Bombay promised a grant of Rs. 1000 crore

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that IIT has established India as a brand in the world and its success has helped India to become the world’s largest center in the form of the technical labor force. While highlighting the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Prime Minister said that both of them laid the foundation for making India a developed nation.

Addressing the 56th Annual Convocation of IIT Bombay, Modi said that innovation has become the most popular word of the 21st century. The Prime Minister said, “If you do not innovate, you will be staying in one place. This is not just a government effort. The new ideas come from the minds of the youth of the campus, not by government buildings and glittering offices. Reversing the pages of the history of IIT, Modi said that after independence, they were conceptualized for the contribution of nation through technology.

Modi said that all the IITs have established India as a brand on the global level and their students are the leaders of some great startups in India. The Prime Minister said, “The nation is proud of the achievements of IIT and its graduates. With the success of IIT, engineering colleges have been established across the country. He said, “These engineering colleges have been inspired by IIT and this has emerged as India’s largest center of technological labor power in the world.

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