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Motorola E5 Leaked

Motorola has always made it a point to provide the best of the best gadgets to the market. The smartphone MOTO E5 was one among the most awaited phones of this year. But even before the release of the phone, the features of the device have been leaked to the public.

The images of the device that will be launched are already published on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Everyone who was eagerly waiting for its release has ended up checking out the leaked images.

Moto E5

Moto E5 Leaked Specs and Features

The leaked renders were been shared by serial leaker Evan Blass and two other members who got a glimpse of the device. The leak clearly signifies that a play variant is a part of the device. This is the first time in the history of Moto E phone series that a play variant is installed. It is said that Moto E5 Play is coming to Verizon and Cricket wireless and will be soon named Moto E5 Cruise. The overall appearance of the device is extravagant like no other device before. The home button is not a part of the device anymore rather there is a Motorola branding bezel on the bottom side. This change also signifies that the fingerprint sensor has been moved to the back. The front-facing flash is situated on the top bezel.

Motorola devices are all set to conquer the market by preparing to launch the successors of Moto E4 series this year. The names of the upcoming Motorola smartphones with model numbers are XT1922-4 and XT1922-5. These two devices are expected to be launched in the market shortly after the end of May. Though the listing has not revealed much about the Moto E5 series and all phones will launch a battery of 4,000mAh.

The new device will not be very different from the currently existing device Moto E4 in regards to the design. This phone is expected to launch on April 3. Moto E5 will have a metal unibody design like its predecessor and the leaked information renders that another new “Motorola” branding will be used at the front replacing the existing Moto branding. The leaked video shows that the Moto E5 device has a similar camera module designed for the Moto Z series. It has a single sensor paired with the LED flash under which you can locate the fancy fingerprint sensor. The jack for the headphone is on the top along with the microphone.

Talking about its physical appearance it also possesses a standard micro-USB port. The edges have small curves and it’s a 16:9 screen and the measurement can go up to 5.2-inch and have an HD display. There are possibilities of SoCs installed to Moto E5. The capacity of the batteries lasting will be the same prime module.

The leaked video of the phone has killed the suspense amongst the people. Hope to see the same thrill amongst people when the phone is out for sale to the public in the market.

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