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Motion Of No Confidence: No Trust Motion Debate In Lok Sabha

As was the hope, that happened. The opposition’s motion of no confidence was rejected by heavy votes. There were 325 votes against the motion for non-confidence, while 126 votes were cast in favor. A total of 451 members voted on this proposal. In this way the distinction motion of 199 votes fell. After the vote on the motion, the action of the Lok Sabha was adjourned till Monday

This proposal came with TDP seeking the demand for special state status for Andhra Pradesh. This non-confidence motion was supported by the Congress and other opposition parties. After the opposition’s opposition on the no-confidence motion, questions have now arisen on its solidarity.

If the NDA’s allies were not present in the Shiv Sena House in the unbelief vote, the BJD and the TRS had exiled from the House. Prior to this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not just tickle every allegation of Congress and especially Rahul Gandhi, but also laid the basis for the forthcoming elections.

He also shook the loose wires of the opposition coalition. It also made it clear that for 2019, the opposition should not see any scope. Rahul made him a ‘partner’ in Rafael, he said while making it his weapon that he is also a janitor, and also the participants of millions of poor, youth and workers’ dreams of the country. When Rahul challenged him to look in his eyes, he gave an indirect tribulation on the ‘Namdhari family’ and said how a worker can get his eyes from him.

In his nearly half-an-hour speech, most of the time, the Congress’s past, the Congress’s behavior towards the comrades, remained centered on Congress politics of appeasement. He indirectly failed to convey to the allies of the alleged coalition partners that it was decided that the sinking of the Congress which was standing with it would be decided.

In the discussions about 10 hours on Friday, the opposition and especially Congress President Rahul Gandhi were aggressive. There were many colors in the discussion. Rahul made serious allegations about Rafael Deal and got embroiled in a dramatic style from Modi. From then on, it was believed that Modi’s answer would be tiring too. When the time came, the prime minister questioned the intentions of the opposition directly and termed it negative politics and ego.

He said that it is the ego of Congress that they think they can drop the government and make it. Without naming Sonia Gandhi, he said that in 1999, 272 MPs were claimed. Even this time he had claimed on his behalf that he had numbers to remove the government. His Gurur tells them that he is a liability, and forgets that the fatefulness is public.

The Prime Minister said that the way rowdy and childishness is being shown by the Congress is not right for the country. Modi’s removal is his only issue. Rahul is quick to arrive here. Without discussion, without voting I was asked to wake up. I was also surprised. I am standing for four years’ work, I am also an idiot.

The blueprint of the alliance is being woven on behalf of the Congress. Modi also ridiculed him and said that in 2019 the desire to become Prime Minister is seen as a big party of Congress, but what about those partners who want to become Prime Minister. This is not the floor test of the government, but the support of the so-called supporters of the Congress is a test. But something like this is not going to happen. Speaking on Rahul’s devotion, Modi said that God give him such power that in 2024 he can again bring a no confidence motion against the NDA government.

Rahul had challenged that the Prime Minister could not get his eyes from him. Modi’s rebuke was heavy on Rahul. They said, ‘What will I get from the poor son’s son?’ You are so nominated, we are a workman. You can not put eyes in your eye Subhash Chandra Bose, Morarji Desai, Jaiprakash Narayan, Chaudhary Charan Singh, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel did eye in the eye, what did they do with them? What was done if Pranab Mukherjee wore an eye in the eye What was done with Sharad Pawar

The Prime Minister said that Congress has disbelief on its own; this distrust is only part of their style of work and culture. She does not believe in Clean India, Yoga Day, Chief Justice and Reserve Bank. The strength of the passport is increasing outside the country, there is no faith in this. He does not believe in the Election Commission, do not believe in EVM. Because they do not believe in themselves. This disbelief increased because it considered power to be its special right, when the janadhas grew, trouble began to increase.

The debate began with a special state status for Andhra Pradesh. They also responded by saying that TDP has taken the liberty to hide its failure. Chandrababu said on the phone that Babu is trapped in YSR’s trap. He cited the achievements of the government on many issues like Kaladhan, GST, Ayushman India and employment.

Keeping the previous Congress governments in charge of the NPA, the Prime Minister said that Congress had emptied the banks of the country from 2009 to 2014. In 60 years of freedom, the country’s banks lent Rs 18 lakh crore. But in the six years from 2008 to 2014, the amount was Rs 52 lakh crore. The Congress has been robbing the banks of power till the time the power is in power. Congress started telephone banking in India before Net banking started in the world. Banks have been looted for their loved ones. Second loan was given at the time of repaying the loan. This NPA’s janraj is completely Congress. Now we started investigating this. In 12 major cases, the amount of Rs. 3 lakh crore is hanging. This amount is 25 percent of total NPA. Recovery of 45 percent has also been done in three major cases.

Prime Minister Modi gave a series of answers to all the allegations of Congress president Rahul Gandhi. During his reply, the members of the TDP, who brought the no-confidence motion, kept shouting all the time.


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