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Job Tip – Make Your Resume Mobile Friendly

We have moved from the era of hiring relatives only to the era of digital documentation where you walk into an interview empty handed. For someone who is amazed at even the simplest form of technology I thought this was it for résumés but NOPE, it’s time to get a lot smaller and a lot smarter.

Yes in 2017 if you are going to hunt for a job you better have a mobile résumé.Mobile résumé is nothing but a softcopy of your ordinary CV which is mobile friendly. This is going to be a very minute but an essential change when it comes to recruitment. Most of MNCs have gone digital and the medium and the small enterprises are catching up with them. All of them prefer wireless technology so the chances are next time you are forwarding your CV it will be looked upon in a tablet or smart phone.

So it goes without saying your CV should be friendly with the device of their choice because no one has the time to zoom in and out to read every single detail. It is obvious that you cannot please every recruiter but you can use the below tips to meet the general criterions and have a mobile friendly résumé.Mobile Friendly Resume

  • KEEP IT SIMPLE: The meaning of the résumé is a synopsis or a brief summary. So it should be straight forward and simple. Try to use small sentences and simple words, this will make it easier to read (You can use fancy words in your personal interview). Also, try avoiding images and tables in fact anything other than text, this makes the document difficult to view on the phone. Even if you have to include any of these items try and make them as small as possible. Also, the choice of font matters a lot, so use a simple and elegant font which shows well on a smart phone e.g. Times New Roman.
  • PRIORITIZE THE DETAILS: Believe it or not, there is no better way to put it. When an HR Manager sees your résumé on a mobile screen it’s no different than Tinder. He glimpses over the details quickly and he decides whether you are going to make it to the next round or not. So make sure the details which are going to impress him come first. It is all about the first impression here.
  • SPACE IT UP: One thing you need to remember is that huge blocks of texts never show well on a phone. So make sure you keep blocks of text to a minimum, up to 2 or 3 lines. It would be even better if you just use bullets with proper spacing. Also don’t be too generous with the spacing or else it will be the same story all over again.
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT FORMAT: It is very important to choose the right format and when it comes to viewing a document on phone, there is nothing better than a PDF. So use a genuine PDF converter and send your résumé in PDF only. Word or any other formats have a high probability of displaying the details in an uncomfortable manner.
  • QUALITY CHECK: A résumé is a very important document and when in a digital form it has a lot of power. It will decide whether you will get the job or not. Hence, a Quality Check is must. Check it by sending it to yourself and opening it on all your devices. Also send it to a couple of people and listen to what they have to say. The whole idea is to open it on as many devices as possible to ensure that it shows how it’s supposed to.

Optimizing your résumé for a mobile phone screen is very important. A recruiter stares at a small screen and decides your future so you better make him feel comfortable about it. A nonoptimized résumé might cost you a job or several. You need to make sure you get across everything you want through a tiny little screen and so you have no option other than a good mobile résumé.Please leave your thoughts and tips in the comments.

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