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New-Gen Mobile Batteries Which Can Prevent Explosions

Battery Explosion
Image Source: Softpedia News

You must have heard about the recent news on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Li-ion battery explosions which raised a plethora of discussion around the users of Samsung smartphones. Samsung recalled the entire shipments and is still in the process of damage control.

Interestingly, in some coer of the world, few intelligent minds have been swiftly working on creation of new-generation mobile batteries which could impress you. These electro-chemical engineers from Stanford University have invented a new line of Li-ion batteries which possess the capability of suppressing the explosion flames within the battery. Isn’t that interesting?

Li-ion batteries have a high tendency of catching fire due to the presence of an inflammable substance – “electrolyte” in these batteries. To address this problem, the genius minds came up with a solution of addition of a component – “triphenyl phosphate” to these batteries which has flame resistant properties. This substance is widely used in manufacturing of various electronic equipment’s. This component is added to the plastic fibers of the part which keeps positive and negative electrodes separately. Whenever the battery temperature reaches a level of 150-160 degree Celsius, the plastic fiber melts itself and releases this component which can restrict any explosion within just 0.4 seconds.

This new invention has been successfully tested and looks promising. So we can expect that battery explosions can soon become a thing of the past and as a user you might not have to afraid from your overheating phones.

Source: arstechnica

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