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Male Contraceptive Tested Successfully On Monkeys

We think that the male contraceptive study is going in right direction and researchers might come up with a male contraceptive pill/injectible soon.

A recent research on monkeys who were injected with male contraceptive turned out to be successful.

All males wee monitored for at least one breeding season; 7 of the 16 were almost continuously housed with females for two years.

Male Monkeys were further diagnosed and no side effect were observed in their body.

We were impressed that this alternative worked in every single monkey, even though this was our first time trying it. – Angela Colagross-Schouten (Lead researcher)

This is a good news. The next phase of the study will include Rabbits, then some more species and at last the humans. This research was done by a non-profit organization Parsemus. The estimated cost of testing it on humans is around $5 million. Therefore, this might become a blocker for Parsemus. I hope they get more donors and funders for their research.


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