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Looking For Location And Identity of WhatsApp Users Those Are Misusing Platform

In India, the government has once again expressed its strong stand on the identity of WhatsApp users. The Government again asked to identify those who send messages directly to WhatsApp from the WhatsApp. The government has asked Whatsapp to not give information about the message, but at least the sender’s location and its identity must be conveyed. The government has said that this move will succeed in preventing spread of fake news.

IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on the matter, “We want information about those who send fake and rumored messages. We do not want to send the message of whatsapps to be decrypted, but we want to know the location and identity of those who send forward and spread such messages, so that there is a rein on the riots and crimes caused by fake messages.

Ravi Shankar Prasad further said that the Whatsap team has given assurance on this issue that they will consider the matter. Let me tell you that there is pressure from the government of India to prevent fake news from the Facebook-owned company WhatSAP over the past several months.

It is worth mentioning that Ravishankar Prasad and Vice President of Whatsapp, Chris Daniel, had met on this issue in August also. In that meeting, Chris Daniel turned down the request of the Indian government, in which it was said to identify the identity of those who send WhatsApp messages.

According to the IT Ministry, Daniel and his team discussed progress on the issues of the last meeting. Whatsapp informed the Minister that he has appointed a Complaint Officer for India who will be posted in the US. The minister suggested that the complaint officer should be located in India. According to the ministry, there were also issues related to the creation of the local unit of whatsapp in India in the previous meeting, after which Whatsapp said that it has incorporated a company in India and is going to launch it soon.

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