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Lenovo Z5 sketch with nearly 100% screen-to-body ratio revealed

Many smartphone makers are trying to maximize the screen size on their devices, but all of us often left with top and bottom bezels or a notch.

This week, Lenovo VP Chang Cheng posted a corner notch-less device of Lenovo. More information about the phone is being wrapped this week; it will be called Lenovo Z5. It seems that this screen-to-body ratio can be close to 100% as we have seen so far.

Lenovo Z5

On Weibo, Chang Cheng wrote that this new Lenovo device would come with 4 new technologies. And, it should effectively lead to removing the bezels from all the sides that include the space that is usually taken by the earpiece, camera, and the fingerprint scanner. Though, all of these three can be implemented in a device. Readers might be wondering where the selfie camera of Z5 is positioned as there is no notch. Well, the camera of the phone can come like a periscope, just like the Vivo Apex Concept Phone, a piezoelectric ceramic driver for the earpiece is already part of the panel since the 1st iteration of Xiaomi Mi Mix. Under-display fingerprint scanners are a thing since the vivo X20 Plus UD.

The company has not disclosed yet that what the technologies exactly are. It is expected that the selfie camera would be housed in a small retractable module. There are no any ugly cutouts or notch, the Lenovo Z5 might have the highest ever screen-to-body ratio in a smartphone ever and it will make this model a distinct option in the range of new Android Handsets that comes with a notch design that matches the aesthetics of the iPhone X.

In the concept sketch, Lenovo Z5 smartphone looks very fancy. It seems to be a handset from the future that we all dream to have. This advanced device comes with almost 100% screen-to-body ratio. By a closer look, you will find that there is no notch, no chin but all screen.

There is one interesting thing and that is, no one yet knows how the backside of the phone will look like. If there is no back-facing fingerprint reader, it is most likely to use an in-display fingerprint reader.

Official announcement date for the Lenovo Z5 is June 14. Cheng is expected to reveal how Lenovo managed to break the 95 percent StB ratio barrier on this date. The new sketch of the Z5 does increase the interest in the Z5, especially considering the slew of smartphones that sport a notch these days. The handset could be a breath of fresh air the smartphone industry in dire. Keep in mind that a phone design like this is definitely possible as the APEX is such an example of this type of handset. Most of the people think that Lenovo is reconstructing its own brand with the Z5. Now, this is a thing to see that what are the other choices and compromises Lenovo had to make in thinning the bezels to such a level.

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