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Jose Mourinho Defended By Deco From Criticism By Manchester United Players

It seems that in the recent times, you cannot express your opinion regarding others’ performance as you do not know from which side an attack might come. From the very early time, it has been a tradition where a senior or an elder can express his or her opinion regarding some fault of lack of performance by the junior or the younger generation as the former is more experienced and can detect where the fault lies. But at present times, things can boomerang you. Something of this sort had happened in the world of football and in our very favorite Manchester United.

The Incident

Jose Mourinho, the former football player and presently the team manager of Manchester United, had recently faced criticism from the team and had been defended well by Deco. Recently in the FA cup final between Manchester United and Chelsea, Mourinho has made certain criticizing comments against some of the players of the team. The 55-year-old manager has remarked that there are many players in the team whom the authority is not replacing due to lack of resources otherwise they do not deserve to stay in the team. All these had been said by him in a public talk where he tried to criticize the build-up and base of the team.

Deco Comes To Rescue Mourinho

Because of the remark made by him, the players of Manchester United were very agitated with him and he faced a furious reaction from their side. Things could have taken a worse turn if Deco would not come forward to support Mourinho. The retired football professional Anderson Louis de Souza, popularly known as Deco, expressed his opinion saying that the condition and quality of Manchester United has been deteriorating since the past few years and as a coach, Jose Mourinho duly possesses the right to comment of the team’s condition as these works are generally done by team manager and coach.

Deco further states that there is nothing to be offended about his remarks and it is the problem with the current generation of footballers who cannot hear anything against their eligibility and capacity. Deco further says that it is really a tough job for Mourinho to manage such a big team of Manchester United. As Deco has known Mourinho for over years, he is well acquainted with the latter’s approaches and attitude. He said this is the nature of Deco he had been observing for many years and Manchester United should have known about it when Mourinho was appointed as the manager of the team. It is the normal nature of Mourinho to pressurize the team and instigate them to win through his repeated comments and criticisms.

There is no doubt of the fact the Deco had handled the situation very maturely. This had also prevented the news channels to proceed with the matter further and making it a serious issue thus making Mourinho plunge in a serious trouble.

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