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Mind Blowing Indian Street Food

Do you remember that song of 90’s “ Mein toh raste se ja raha tha, mein toh bhej puri kha raha tha” do you know what is good in this song it depicts the typical Indian situation. We don’t need a reason  to hang out at gol-gappe waala or bhel-puri wala. We are waiting for our friends,colleagues at the Gol-gappe wala stall. When we talk about Street food , India is a proud nation where every city has its own specialty. If your mouth start watering already, I would advice you to go for market and eat some tasty Street Food

  1. Chaat-Puri

A tasty Chaat puri. Do you know Mughal also had attraction on Sweet and Sour world. Chaat is now evolved to various forms like Bhel puri, Paani puri and Dahi puri.

  1. ChowMeein

A tasty Chow meein. Chow meein is a dish which make street food popular in India. There is a time in 90’s where every food stall had lines for this Noodles on their plates.

  1. Poha

A tasty plate of Poha. Poha is the best roadside treat of Madhya Pradesh. You can’t control yourself from this beautiful street food if you are walking in the streets of Indore.

  1. Kachori

When you come over in Rajasthan, there is nothing which can beat their rich variety of food. A must try thing in Rajasthan is Bikaneri Kachori. This Kachori is serve with spicy chutneys.

  1. Chhole Bhature

Chhole bhature street food come from Punjab. This tasty  food is a staple breakfast  in majority of Punjabi household . If you want real taste of Punjab than you should go to street of Amritsar and order a plate of Hot Chhole bhature.

  1. Aaloo Tikki

If you think that this aaloo tikki was a gift of Delhi then you are wrong. Aaloo tikki is come from city of nawabs “Lucknow”. In Mumbai it is known as Ragda Pattice while in Delhi. This tasty food is treat with spicy green peas curry and sour chutneys.

  1. Puchka

Puchka is a Bengali version of Paani Puri. There is no better solution to beat the heat than these little delights.

  1. Paya Soup

When we talk about Non-Vegetarian street food, they we should go straight to Chatori Gali in Bhopal. This is a narrow street which is full of food stall where everyone recommend for a bite. Bhopal trip is incomplete if you did not visit Chattori Gali and a cup of Paya Soup.

  1. Paddu

Paddu’s is  a smaller version of Dosa’s. This street food are sold in almost every next “Tapri” on street. The taste of Paddu is good with filter coffee and coconut chutney.

  1. Dabeli

A famous street food of Gujrat. Dabeli became favorite street food all over Western India.It is treat with Namkeen.





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