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An Indian Made 1000cc Custom Bike And It’s Amazing

Riddhesh 1000ccSuperbikes have always been a craze amongst youngsters. In this bike segment, there have been various popular names such as Honda, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki and the list is endless. But the pricing of these motorbikes makes it pretty inaccessible for the majority of the youngster’s crowd.

The price constraint might not be a hurdle anymore as our Indian bo – Riddhesh Vyas from Gujarat has achieved an extraordinary foot by creating a 1000cc bike all by himself and we can proudly say that it’s “Made in India”.Riddhesh developed a 1000cc bike equipped with four cylinders. This entire project of building a new motorbike took him a grueling 8 years and our Indian has also named this new bike – “Ridd”.

The majority of the parts used in making this bike are hand-made by this youngster starting from the engine to hydraulic systems to seats. The bike looks massive and weighs a whopping 400 kgs and can achieve a top speed of 170 km/h. Truly a motorbike!

Interestingly, Riddhesh isn’t an engineering graduate and has worked extensively in metal industry. With his long stint at metal industries, he understood the nuances involved in designing metal parts which actually helped in designing the parts for his dream motorbike. As a passion for bikes, Riddhesh used to service his bike all by himself and as time passed his passion slowly tued into reality with his hard work. It’s imperative to mention that Riddhesh spent his hard eaed money of close to Rs.8 lakhs in building up this motorbike.

Well, every great dream begins with a dreamer & “Ridd” is a true example of Riddhesh’ s passion.

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