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How To Increase Internet Speed In Smartphones

How To Increase Internet Speed In Smartphones

According to a report last week, people in India use smartphones to make more net surfing than calling. Due to net surfing, sometimes users have to face the problem of slow internet and smartphones, due to which the users get annoyed. Even though there is a 4G plan, users are not able to get Internet Speed at sufficient speed, for which many users also complain to the telecom companies.

Today we will tell you about some of the settings that will help increase the speed of internet in your smartphone. These tips are quite easy and users can easily follow it. About 80-85 percent of smartphone users in the country use Android smartphones. Android users use Google Chrome for the default search engine net surfing.

If users make some changes by going into the settings of Chrome, they will get the right speed of the Internet and Slow can get rid of the Internet. Due to lack of cache clearer of Chrome browser, users have to comprehend the slow Internet while browsing. Besides, due to lack of clearance of the download section of the mobile, users also have to face the Slow Internet. So if you periodically clean your download section then you will not have this inconvenience.

Step 1

First, tap into the phone settings and tap on the cellular network or mobile network.

Step 2

Now the select the Sim from which you are running 4G data

Step 3

Now go to Access Point Names and tap on the SIM from which the data is used.

Step 4

Now a list of settings is open in front of you, tap on the server in it.

Step 5

It will be empty, which you can write down on

Step 6

Now scroll down and tap on authentication type.

Step 7

Here you will see a none, which you can change by Pap

Step 8

When you come down, you will see the option of type APN, go to and type in the default

Step 9

After doing so, tap on the three dots looking right above

Step 10

There will be an option of saving it here

If settings are saved, you will see that the internet speed of your phone has already increased


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