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Huawei Mate SE Oreo Update

The Huawei Mate SE has started receiving a new update. Weighing in at about 2.4GB and arriving as version C567CUSTC567D4, it’s a major update that brings along Android 8.0 Oreo.
The change-log is lees or more alike to that of the Honor 7X Oreo Update including updated Setting menu, Phone Manager, new floating navigation dock, phone gallery recycle bin and ability to connect with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. These reports of the update roll out are coming from Canada.

Huawei Mate SE

Android Oreo Features

The list of features will grow as Google proceeds with Oreo updates in the next year. Some of the features of Android Oreo are as follows:

Picture in Picture Mode

With the help of this feature, one can watch multiple windows at the same time. For example, suppose you are watching youtube and suddenly you remember something you need to do. Usually, you have to exit the youtube and do open any other app. But, now in Android Oreo, You just press the home button and the video shrinks into a movable window. The video keeps playing and you can use the other app or whatever you want to do on the phone.


It is very annoying to type your password again and again on the same device. So now Google is carrying over autofill from the Chrome Desktop to the Chrome on Mobile.
This autofill feature of the Android Oreo will support the third-party providers too. So, with this, if you launch Twitter, it will suggest your username and password. This autofill feature of the android Oreo can take the pain out of moving devices.

New app Notifications

In the previous versions of the android, you get the alerts in the pull-down notification shade at the top of the screen. Now in the Android Oreo, a dot will appear next to an app icon. It tells you that you have an unread item. The best part is that you can press and hold the app icon to take a peek at the notification. Alerts are synced between the notification and the dot shade. So, if you tap the one it will also clear the other. The color of the dot matches the color of the app icon.

Faster Android

Google wants to make Android faster and faster. And, according to Google, Android Oreo is two times faster than the Android Nought. Boot time in Oreo is reduced to 13 from 35 seconds on the pixel.

Battery Boost

In other Androids, there is a feature that saves the battery by silencing the background activity of the apps when you are idle. In Android Oreo, you will find the feature of restricting the background apps. It won’t stop syncing your mail, but it will stop the apps that are running your battery down and hogging all your memory. Also, the system will flash a badge that lets you know that something is running in the background. Android Oreo also helps you to keep your apps safe.

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