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HTC U11+ Review – Specs, Features and Price

This sleek new model is one of the best products being offered by the Taiwanese tech giant during 2018.

The Indian tech market might not be excited to get their hands on HTC as they have discovered other Android smartphones from other brands. But it is good to have a look at the HTC U11+ as it comprises of all the crazy features a tech guru will be looking for. It consists of a bezel-less design, fueled with a bigger battery pack and runs on Android Oreo which is the latest upgraded version of Android.

HTC U11 Plus
Have a look at the design, display, and features

The new HTC U11+ has a bunch of new features in it apart from its predecessor U11. It is 6-inch, with 18:9 aspect ratio display and a shrinking surrounding panel. The phone isn’t totally bezel-less as the top and bottom bezels still take up quite a bit of the space. It boasts a resolution of 2880*1440 pixels but however lacks the vibrancy of a P-OLED/AMOLED panel. The appearance of the phone is still a treat. This device leaves you with one disappointment as it lacks the max brightness screen.

However, this smartphone is big, unwieldy, heavier and slippery. The glass easily will get smudged and requires full-blown wipe-down couple of times a day.

Performance of the Phone

The components on the HTC U11+ is back with some amazing features  which makes it a star performer. This handset has Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor which works on 6GB of RAM and has a 128GB of expandable storage. The best part of this phone is that you can multitask between a dozen of application and the performance won’t be compromised in any way. You get a feeling of working on a CPU with various applications and also the GPS navigation infused to it. As a user, you do not have to worry anything about the temperature of the phone in regard to issues of heating up. This smartphone has a battery power of 3,930mAh battery and it is sufficient to last throughout the day. It also has built-in capacities to save the battery power. A zillion thanks to Quick Charge 3.0 support that does not require you to charge the phone for long hours.

The Final Verdict

It is one of the best smartphones from HTC. You can buy it without any worries as it matches up to the level of Google Pixel 2 XL and Samsung Galaxy S8+. The premium look it owns gives it a run for the money you pay as it has a commendable performance, excellent battery life, and sharp display features. Say bye to your cameras as this phone lets you capture the best memories of it.


  • Has an excellent quality design appearance
  • Comprises of a stunning display
  • A very good performer for long-term usage
  • Has a long lasting battery life
  • The camera quality is great


  • There are chances of overheating if you use too many applications
  • The phone can get outdated within a month as there are too many launches in the tech market.

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