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How To Trend Your Video On Youtube

Nowadays online videos are being watched in India and credit will go to Jio, because the data plan has been cheap since the launch of Jio and after that people have been addicted to watching online videos. With this, a huge number of people appeared on the YouTube channel and people made videos of their choice. Many videos on YouTube are seen every day in the trending category. Trending means that the video is being viewed very well. In such a case it is very important for a youtube that its video will be included in the trending video. So let us tell you how to make video trends on YouTube today.

Many YouTube channels write a description. In such a way, the video does not have to be viral. Write the full description and write in Hindi-English both. Also keep in mind the trending keywords in it. Try to have a minimum of 300 words in the description. In addition to subscribe to the channel, also add a link to your other popular videos and a link to the channel in the description.

Any video will be viral only when more and more people will see it and people will only see when trading keywords and tags are placed in the video. Therefore, whenever you upload a video on Youtube, then enter the keyword tradeshing and tags. Start the keyword like this. Like how to book a live phone, then use Jio Phone and Jio keywords. Use the keywords in the title of the video. See twitter trends for trending keywords.

To make the video viral, its thumbnail (the photo that appears before the video starts) is great, because seeing you thumbnails, you and we click on a video. Always create thumbnails that will cause users to click and view.

Anything is viral from social media, so join some big social media groups and upload videos to YouTube as well as share it on social media. Also use the trending hashtags when sharing.

There are many YouTube people who speak to like, comment, subscribe and share at the beginning of the video. In such a situation, people do not even see the video, the subscriber is far away. So ask the subscriber to always make his own, like the end of the video, at the end of the video.

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