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How To Solve Smartphone Hanging Issue

How To Solve Smartphone Hanging Issue

Often people are troubled by the problem of smartphone hanging. At that time you either restart the phone or wait a bit, it will be fine in a while. Once Hang problem begins, then it often starts bothering. But this is a solution to the problem and you can easily fix your phone.

During the use of Android phones, often spam data is installed in the phone’s cache memory. Some spam data is stored in cache memory while using any feature, including browser, app, and game in Android phone. As the data starts to fade, the phone starts slowing down and the problem of hang begins. In this case, you can get rid of the cache memory and get rid of the problem of phone hanging. The option of cache memory will be found in the settings by going to Settings.

If your smartphone’s internal memory is low then try to store apps and games in the data card. If there are lots of apps already installed on the phone then you can move something to the memory card. You will see this option in the App Manager in Phone Settings. Remember that the biggest reason for hanging the phone is to fill the internal memory.

Cloud storage is also a better option for data stores in Android smartphones. You can store file folders that you use very little on the cloud app. This will empty the phone’s internal memory. But be aware that there is an Internet connection to use Cloud Storage.

During phone use, we open many applications simultaneously. All apps are running in the background. Try to stop the application through Task Manager. The phone can also hang due to running a lot of applications.

If these things also do not solve the problem of hang in the phone, you can reset it factory data. But resetting factory data will destroy all the data available in your phone. Be sure to back up your phone’s data before this. Android smartphones will have the option of factory data reset in backup and reset within the settings. This will destroy all the spam data available on the phone and improve your smartphone’s performance.

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